A marriage made from sushi!

"Sushi is much more than Japanese food, it is absolutely delicious, a mouth-watering journey for all of the senses, not only the taste... if you haven't had Sensation's sushi yet, you are missing the best thing in life!"Ezequiel Newton, co-founder Sushi Marbella

Once upon a time a young Scottish girl walked into a Sushi restaurant very naïve and curious, unsure what to expect. After thoroughly enjoying the new cuisine in her life and the great view, she returned, and returned and returned. During these visits with her friend she became very fond of the food and the chef! One thing led to another and before long, her hospitality background and his Sushi background became Sushi boxes to offices which then became Sensations Sushi bar.

Since 2008 our journey has progressed and we have now been in Sensations sushi bar 7 years. With long hours and hard work, we are now one of the longest sushi bars on the coast , and to say we are proud is an understatement. We love what we do! Combining our love for the customers and the passion for the sushi we hope to continue serving you for many more years to come.

Every day we strive to provide quality products and we source local products where possible. Our aim is to create quality creative sushi and an affordable price. Attention to detail and consistency being key!

At Sensations we believe there is much more to Sushi than people realise, our friendly staff pride themselves on educating those who wish to learn more about the food they are enjoying. Sushi Virgin or Sushi Lover, everyone is welcome to Sensations sushi bar in Marbella. The popularity of Sensations is clear throughout the summer period we therefore highly recommend reserving a table for your party.